Our willingness to pioneer efforts that are worthwhile and create profit earning opportunities for our customers has earned us a reputation with our vendors as a company worthy for consideration for new ventures.

Some of the key new lines and profit earning opportunities that we have added in the last year or so are as follow:



We have both the full of Viessmann Solar products and we also offer the affordable yet highly durable vacuum tube line made by NTS.  The tax benefits on Solar are making this application highly desirable in the market place.



Although this is an expensive system, the application is growing in demand and offers a great profit return.  The Portland Group has aligned itself with the quality Century line of Geotherm products.


Water Filtration

Although the water conditions of New England have always created opportunity in the water filtration business, the green movement has brought greater emphasis to this application and the profits belong to companies like yours.  We have taken on a great line of products called EWS that focuses on meeting the consumer’s needs by filtering the entire water source for the house.  This is another great application in high demand and we have a great line that can and will make you money!

Green Products

We are focused on the green movement with enhancements in many of our HVAC and plumbing lines.


Change With Changing Times…And Take Advantage of Profit Earning Opportunities!